Having Mediterranean roots in both my upbringing and in my DNA, I’ve always been naturally drawn to Flamenco music. Combined with the dancing, to me it is electric, alive, and the fire of true performance.

Sueños de Amor (Dreams of Love) draws on this love of Flamenco but it’s musical story is woven a little differently. I refer to the style of it as Flamenco Chill. It is part ambient, part uplifting music, and blends the melodic touches, colors and emotional fire of Spanish Flamenco with soulful and romantic rhythms.

Writing, recording and producing this album has taken several months.  This was by design as I’ve produced other albums in the past and, knowing how much work is involved, I wanted to ensure I’d enjoy the whole process.  There were, of course, some unexpected things like learning curves in the studio and an occasional ghost in the machine, but any accidents that happened along the way were happy ones.

I’m pleased to have it completed as I’ve always wanted to weave Spanish sounding melodies into an ambient backdrop and see what kind of alchemy could be achieved. I’m happy with the outcome and look forward to exploring more deeply into this style of music.

I would like to thank my little brother, Paul, for his positive energy, and consistent support and encouragement. Thanks for making this process so much more enjoyable than it would have otherwise been.

I am grateful to my friend, the very talented artist Sanela Dizdar for the inspired cover art she created, knowing only the title!

Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy listening to Sueños de Amor as much as I enjoyed making it.


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